Cho Oyu and Beyond ...

Cho Oyu climb for a cause is an awareness and fund-raising campaign aimed to help provide much needed education to our often neglected indigenous children in the remote parts of the country. The climb objective is to set a new altitude record, an attempt of the 6th highest mt & one of the peaks in the death zone. This event intends to bridge the education gap, and hope we provide our indigenous children a better future -- safe and away from a possible 'death zone'.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Big One

Join the cause, and be a part of this big leap in our history...

        Today, there are hundreds of thousands of poor and struggling families all over our country;
        children who do not have opportunities to enter primary school,
        poor indigent patients who cannot afford to pay for their medical expenses,
        kids who are malnourished and suffering from serious illnesses,
        families who are victims of calamities,
        and a million more who are simply ignored, neglected and uncared for.

        Here's a call for us to live a life of shared wealth and success,
        Together, we can make a big difference in uplifting the lives of our struggling countrymen.

        JOIN ME in this campaign, as I CLIMB the highest point on Earth...

Help, donate or pledge now, and be part of "MT EVEREST CLIMB FOR A CAUSE 2006"...
The future is ours to make!


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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Feb2006. The Calm Before the Storm...  Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 09, 2006

Cho Oyu climb story

Read the climb story, The Ascent of Cho Oyu

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Going Green

WWF-Powerswitch and Greenpeace are asking for help in their campaign.
Check this out.

Monday, December 26, 2005


I just received today a cash donation of 10,000php! =)

Thank you very much to Ms. Marion T. for her generous contribution to Climb for a Cause 2005. Mabuhay ka!

I'll be formally concluding this project by end-Jan, but of course we'll still accept donations even after that.

Happy New Year to all!

Conrad Anker will visit Manila this January

(message from The North Face)
We would like to announce the upcoming visit of The North Face
athlete Conrad Anker in the Philippines on January 24, 2006 at
Rockwell, Makati. Conrad will be presenting a slide show about his
expeditions including the story of his discovery on the body of
George Mallory at Mt. Everest.

Conrad will also be having a book signing session for his book "The
Lost Explorer - Finding Mallory on Mount Everest" which will be
exclusively sold at The North Face store starting January for 650.00

The final venue is still yet to be announced. However, if the
venue will be limited to a certain number of audience we would like
to extend this early invitation to the members of the outdoor
community. If you are interested to join please do register thru
email at or fax us at 2446578. (First Come, First
Serve, Please indicate Full Name, Affiliation and Contact Detail) We
shall also be accepting book reservations on which you can pay and
claim at TNF store on January, as there is a limited quantity
available also.

Conrad Anker
"The Lost Explorer" presentation and book signing
Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City
January 24, 2006
3:00 - 6:00 PM

PS. Conrad Anker is the cover page of December 2005 Outside
Magazine issue on 25 outdoor action hero. You may want to get a
copy of that also.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Pasko na!! =) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Where are they now?

Our climb teams come and go, they are formed and disbanded, but we always reconnect.
Sometimes, former teammates regroup for another adventure, some become climbing partners and friends. Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became best buddies, and so are other climbers.
And so we try to stay in touch to keep the intangible aspects of the team. Besides, there's a lot to learn and experience when we walk across other cultures.

So, where are my former team mates now?
pake ko, hahaha.


Magnus' response after seeing my Cho Oyu photo album.. Magnus is the Swede, who summit-ed Aconcagua with me.
"Thank you very much for sharing the pics. My stomach almost turned upside
down, I want to be there right now. Can't wait. Cho Oyu is still in my plans for 2007. I want to go to Denali 2006 but I think I will get problem with the money. Just found a job in England but everything is so expensive so it's difficult to save anything here.
stay in touch.

Cho Oyu 2005 team: Mike (South Africa), Dirk (Germany), Pete (Australia)

Mike's first report from his hometown (3wks after the climb). He's the 3rd S.African to hv climbed Cho Oyu. He's now traveling in Thailand with his wife.
"Once again,congratulation to each of you on yr successful summit-its, sometimes hard to comprehend how the whole tedious process suddenly accelerated into a frantic push and before we knew it,it was all behind us!

The frostbite in my fingers is slowly improving but the big toe of my L foot and 3 toes of my R foot are still completely frozen- I've been for another medical opinion and the prognosis is good.
Keep well.

Dirk's reply after I asked him w/c 8000m peak he plans to visit next. He is the strongest member of our team, and he's going for more difficult mountains. He is an ice climber and a climb instructor in d Alps.

"Nice to hear from you. I am not sure which one I am going for (Dhaulagiri or Lhotse). We will see, because it´s a question of money and of course if I can get vacation or not. But I really want.
Let me know when you are in Khatmandu. I will be there.
See you Dirk"
(Note: Lhotse, 4th highest, is the twin-brother-peak of Everest, they share the same south route until Camp3, but it's all-hell to Lhotse peak from there on).

Pete after giving his (post-climb) speech to 700 people. He climbed Cho Oyu for a Cause, supporting 'Beyond Blue' foundation - it's an awareness campaign on depression illness now common in Australia. He's the 20th Australian to hv climbed Cho Oyu.

"G'day mate!! Great to hear from you. Ok, I will get the One shot DVD to you. Hey mate, I gave that speech last night and you got quite a few mentions, particularly your feat at being the first ever in the Philippines to climb above 8000 and summit. Everyone was pretty blown away.
Talk soon,
His girlfriend booked a Hawaii trip for the 2 of them next summer, conflicting with his floating plan to climb Everest. Hawaii vs Everest.. ummm he's a surfer-dude so i guess it's easy to decide :)
(Note: 'One Shot' is the name we gave to our expedition team, since we have the lazy attitude of just going up (one shot) without too much up-&-down acclimatization). We finished ahead vs other teams. It's also the favorite expression of our Sirdar-Sherpa; applicable to climbing, to drinking liquor, etc.)


Fenton (Irish) of Elbrus Expedition team, after hearing the good news of my Cho Oyu climb. We were in Aconcagua the same season, but his route proved to be more challenging due to relentless storms (his team aborted). He summit-ed Elbrus, but got stuck w/ his 7000m peak goal (Acon).

Well done! Great news. We are off to Aconcagua again in Jan with Andy that was on Elbrus with us. hopefully the mountain will be kind to us. If that works ok then Mc Kinley in May.
What was the top like on Aconcagua was the last section difficult? Any info you can give us will be a help

Too bad though that I've lost contact with my other, long-ago expedition group mates ;(