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Cho Oyu climb for a cause is an awareness and fund-raising campaign aimed to help provide much needed education to our often neglected indigenous children in the remote parts of the country. The climb objective is to set a new altitude record, an attempt of the 6th highest mt & one of the peaks in the death zone. This event intends to bridge the education gap, and hope we provide our indigenous children a better future -- safe and away from a possible 'death zone'.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Experience Nepal

Have you always wondered how it's like to hike or climb in the Himalaya?!
How Yaks really look like, what's a Sherpa, and what Nepal is all about?

Here's your chance...
The first part of my Cho Oyu trip involves a short acclimatization trek (10days) in Nepal,
this is an ideal trip for beginners, and I'm inviting you to join me to
see the beauty of the Himalaya.

You want to know more details, or get a glimpse of Nepal?
View this site:


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

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Thursday, June 02, 2005


Hi People,

As you know, I will try to set a new altitude record, and climb the 6th highest mountain in the world, to generate cash for Cartwheel foundation. This is just a continuation of my Climb for a Cause series.

The proceeds raised by this event will support the education assistance program of Cartwheel Foundation. Please visit their website to understand how they utilize their charity fund to help our indigenous children (see sidebar link).

About the climb, Mt Cho Oyu is the 6th highest mountain and is in the Death zone layer. There’s no recorded Filipino ascent of this magnitude, and I’m hoping that I could break the highest recorded Filipino ascent and bring our mountaineering to, yet again, a higher level. Note that the probability of reaching the summit is a lot less compared to Aconcagua (which by the way has ~33% chance, I failed the first time there if you recall). We’re hoping that thru this climb, we’ll get your support thru pledges and donations, and help us meet our charitable objectives.

Your pledge of support will also add a good dose of morale support for the climber (me), and hence is a big help to the overall outcome of the project.

How to help? here’s how:
· You may give an outright donation, any amount will do. Promise, kahit 1 peso lang, well, 10$ nlang siguro para may silbi ka naman ;p We prefer you make direct donations to Cartwheel (bka mapang-inom ko pa yan e :) checque (pay to Cartwheel Foundation) or credit card use are your other options.

· Or, pledge an amount for every 1000ft of altitude gained. Let’s start counting at 10,000ft (mahirap ng huminga dun), to 27000ft (rounded). So if you promise to give us 100pesos/1000ft, you’ll give us 1700pesos if I reached the peak. In essence, you’re asking me to walk extra thousand feet, so you can give more money, more like a torture-pledge. 'Kaw kaya mglakad sa -50C na bundok na 40% lang ung air. Fine, I’ll accept that. You can monitor my climb progress in this site, so you’ll know whether to beg your wife/husband/mom for more money (as I reach higher camps). Assuming of course that my team’s sat-fon will not have dead-frozen-batt.

· You may pledge an amount, for a successful summit climb. Avoid this option because I may not generate money at all hehe. This is more like a “challenge pledge”. You choose this if medyo masama sa loob mo mgbigay ng malaking halaga, so you like the idea of torturing the climber first, before giving your pledged amount. Alam mo ba gaano kahirap huminga at mag-climb sa 26,000ft? Puwes, wag mo ko pahirapan ;p

· Be creative, you can donate a small amount, then pledge more money for every 1000ft gained, and give us bonus if I reach the peak. That’s the best gift you can give to our indigenous kids (aka ‘katutubong bata’). Bigyan mo na rin ako bonus, kahit beer man lang.

To donate/pledge, contact us thru the Contact link, or thru Cartwheel website, or by simply sending a Comment in this post.

So there, you donate, I climb - very simple. Unless you want to climb, ako mg-donate. Last time I ask for prayers, nabagyo lang ako sa bundok, windstorm na, snowstorm pa. So 'wag nalang kayo mgdasal, mgbigay nlang kayo ng PERA!! Hahahaha!

Salamat ng madami!
Cheers !!

Romi Garduch