Cho Oyu and Beyond ...

Cho Oyu climb for a cause is an awareness and fund-raising campaign aimed to help provide much needed education to our often neglected indigenous children in the remote parts of the country. The climb objective is to set a new altitude record, an attempt of the 6th highest mt & one of the peaks in the death zone. This event intends to bridge the education gap, and hope we provide our indigenous children a better future -- safe and away from a possible 'death zone'.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bulletin Board

(entry added , with 'NOV14' under Media)
Upcoming Activities / Events / News:

  • - The ever-bitin Photo exhibit is postponed to December (mall schedule problem, o well). This is an extension of the charity campaign (cartwheel photos), plus a photo exhibit of the climb (Cho Oyu).
  • - We're thinking of selling Calendar-postcard (see previous post) as part of the on-going fund-raising campaign. We're still not quite happy with the generated fund so we have to do something extra ;)
  • - Gimmick (with live bands) - for a Cause parin, now postponed to Feb (haay tagal).
  • - Funny, I got an email today which says that I am receiving a Merit Badge award. Check this out

Media / Articles / Stories

  • - Ey hey, Chinggay A. will interview me (live) this coming Sat, RX radio, 3pm. (postponed to next Sat, nov19)
  • - Magazine interviews: People (Asia), PUMP (yeebaaa! might as well send my nude pics), Planet Philippines (abroad)
  • - (NOV14) Check out this write-up from Cartwheel

Blog updates

- I have moved the Cho Oyu photo url to 'Links' section (right-hand side)

- I've changed the Blog title to "Cho Oyu and Beyond", until I switch to a new Blog site for the next 'project' .

Climb Updates

  • I'll be organizing an 'open climb' next year for anyone who wishes to try a good trek in Nepal or, experience an alpine climb (20,000ft mountain). Beginners or advanced mountaineers (climb), or office-slaves (trek) are all welcome to join in. Maybe around April or March. Email me if you're interested ( I'll switch to a different Blog site to cover these next scheduled climbs.


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Merit Badge Award! Congratulations Romi! Ang galing mo pare ko!

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